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This is a website of the Maya Exploration Center, a non-profit dedicated to the study of the Maya civilization both past and present. Dr. Ed Barnhart, president, is a noted Maya researcher who has been involved in numerous investigations, and has authored a number of informative reports. The site includes research sub-sections, links to other sites, and information on their educational tours to the Maya area.


Famsi, Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies, is a valuable resource for information concerning the ancient Maya. There are numerous sub-sections including full color copies of the Maya codices. Another sub-section contains grantee reports. There is also a hieroglyph study section, and a section devoted to Mayan scholar Linda Schele and her famous drawings.  


Mesoweb is an informative website featuring news, articles, and reports devoted to the ancient cultures of Mesoamerica. The site is nicely maintained by Mark Zender. 


Steve Radzi has a wonderful, artistic eye. His sketches of numerous Maya ruins brings a welcome, comforting perspective in this digital age. His travels and explorations have taken him throughout the Maya area, and beyond.  His striking artwork has been widely exhibited and published, including his monthly contribution to the IMS Explorer newsletter.