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chaac masks                                              roberto llebig

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​XLAPAK-Yucatan, Mexico

Xlapak (old stone wall) is a small site located along the Puuc Route south of Merida in the western Yucatan just off Highway 261. This site is one of a series of Maya ruins that can be found in the general area and with an architectural style named after the low arid hill country in which they are located. Others are Uxmal, Kabah, Sayil, and Labna. It is the smallest of the sites, and is located between Sayil and Labna. 

HOURS: 8 A.M.-5P.M.
ENTRANCE FEE: $2.00/22 Pesos
SERVICES: Restrooms
ACCOMODATIONS:  None on-site. Nearby towns of Santa Elana, Ticul, Muna, and Oxkutzcab offer hotels and hostels. Day trip from Merida
GPS: 20d 10' 26" N, 89d 36' 22" W

Xlapak displays a pure Puuc architectural style consistent with the Late Classic Period (600-900 A.D). There have been no stelae (carved stone slabs) recovered here to determine the names of its rulers or its relationship to the other nearby sites.

The site was rediscovered by those intrepid explorers John Lloyd Stevens and Fredrick Catherwood in the 1840’s.  Exploration, excavation and restoration work have restored a few of the structures to their former glory.

There are 3 small groups here each with a main temple. As is typical with Puuc architecture the walls below the medial molding are plain. Above this are intricate geometric designs made from interlocking finished stone. The corners are surmounted by beautiful, stacked Chaac (Maya rain god) masks that feature an upward curved snout.  

This style can be seen on the main reconstructed temple at Group One. It is also called The Small Palace. This is a wonderfully restored one story temple with several entrances.

Group 2 has had the main temple partially restored. Group 3 has had its main temple fully restored, and contains some beautiful upper decorations. A small site, but worth the visit.

 palace                                     paval vorobiev.

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small palace group 1                            hjpd

palace group 2                                    

palace                                                  rose vekony